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Accessories For Hearing aids

All hearing aid manufacturers have options for connectivity.  Please call our clinic for more information.

Cell Phone Connectivity

The app for your cellphone is to change the volume, programs, and check the battery level. There’s even a “Find my hearing aid” function, just in case. Click the link below to see a list of compatible devices.


TV Adapter Accessory

This adapter streams the sound from your TV directly into the hearing aid. Fast and easy to set up, it can pair with an unlimited number of hearing aids.


Sound Clip A Accessory

This device for hands-free phone conversations from iPhone and modern smartphones. Worn around the neck or clipped on the shirt, it makes for improved interpersonal communication over distance and in noise-filled environments. And it's also practical for changing volume and answering phone calls.


Remote Control Accessory

This remote control makes for smooth and discreet hearing aid operation. Lightweight, with excellent tactility and low power consumption. If you do not have access to a cellphone this remote can be used to make volume and program changes.