Hearing Aids What is considered an old hearing aid?

Anything over 5 years is not repairable by the manufacturers. The evolution of hearing aids has been amazing. The technology improves constantly. The manufactures most often don’t carry parts for hearing aids that are over 5 years old.

What are the benefits of new technology?

  • Better clarity
  • Better background noise reduction
  • More functions with Bluetooth capability
  • Rechargeable options – no more batteries
  • Smaller hearing aids that are invisible

Why and when would you consider a repair or replacing your hearing aid?

  • The hearing aid is whistling, and you can’t control it.
  • One of your hearing aids has suddenly died, and you no longer have the match.
  • You are complaining of background noise.
  • It is cutting in and out, distorted or crackling.
  • Speech is not clear.
  • The hearing aid sounds weak, and adjustments have not worked.

What happened?

  • It is possible the microphones are malfunctioning
  • The speaker unit is wearing out
  • Loose wiring inside sometime due to moisture issues
  • The amplifier has stopped working.
  • Excessive damage due to wax blockages in the hearing aids.

Hearing aids are similar to a small computer. They slow down over time and do not function as they normally would or maybe they sounded better when you first bought them. We can try adjustments to modify the issues but sometimes it does not work to satisfaction.